RBC & BFCE conduits

Electrical conduits

One of our main specializations is in the manufacturing of corrugated electrical conduits. They are used for electrical installations in buildings, by laying them in the concrete walls and slabs. Material is highly heat resistant HDPE with HALOGEN FREE properties. This type of conduit has pressure resistance of 320N/cm2 and application in the temperature range from -25°C to +90°C, and is not flame resistant. RBC products and produced in grey and orange color, while BFCE is made only in orange color.

  • CRIJEVO RBC 16/11
  • CRIJEVO RBC 20/14
  • CRIJEVO RBC 25/19
  • CRIJEVO RBC 32/25
  • CRIJEVO RBC 40/34
  • CRIJEVO RBC 50/40


  • CRIJEVO BFCE 16/11
  • CRIJEVO BFCE 20/14
  • CRIJEVO BFCE 25/19
  • CRIJEVO BFCE 32/25

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